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Project Sponsors

Tachyonic supporting companies provide a significant portion of contributions such as funding and contributing code to achieve the project goals. Members companies’ strategies aligns with the Tachyonic Project mission.

  • Platinum members provide funding to achieve the project goals and the mission of protecting, empowering and promoting the project opensource community and software. Some of these members may provide funding to ensure the success and completion of specific functionality. The platinum members may have resources committing towards the project.
  • Infrastructure donors are companies donating lab equipment, access or resources for the continues development of the project and testing functionality.
  • Supporting organizations are those that utilize the project and actively involved in making the Tachyonic Project successful.
  • If you would like your company to be listed here, please contact us on sponsors@tachyonic.org


Wingu is an African Cloud Computing company that provides Infrastructure as a Service and advance networking services at the click of a button, with local currency and local hosting as key benefits. It is internationally certified and have easy online sign-up and operation. Wingu provides cloud services that answers to enterprise, SMME and individual business requirements.

Wingu is actively developing on and testing the Tachyonic Project and supporting other open-source projects such as OpenStack.



Code Updates

Code Update: tachyonic-sphinx/master Fixed spelling mistake
2018-04-18 18:13:03 (UTC)
Code Update: netrino/development Start Element manager
2018-04-18 11:45:47 (UTC)
Code Update: photonic/development User Role assignment now makes use of select2 with AJAX call for fast…
2018-04-10 11:29:10 (UTC)
Code Update: psychokinetic/development removed private test code
2018-04-08 11:03:35 (UTC)
Code Update: psychokinetic/development api updates features for psychokinetic
2018-04-08 11:01:23 (UTC)
Code Update: psychokinetic/development Github restapi updates...
2018-04-04 09:34:09 (UTC)
Code Update: photonic/development issues with new menu mods - using old one for now
2018-03-28 12:09:58 (UTC)
Code Update: photonic/development updated top, account and service menu to responsive design which cate…
2018-03-28 11:54:28 (UTC)
Code Update: psychokinetic/development fixed bug in get_header for client middleware for token
2018-03-28 10:50:35 (UTC)
Code Update: infinitystone/development Fized bug where date object can not be json dumped
2018-03-23 10:14:36 (UTC)
Code Update: infinitystone/development Reverting last change
2018-03-22 07:59:12 (UTC)
Code Update: infinitystone/development Users can now log into any domain they have a role on
2018-03-22 07:23:08 (UTC)