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Email Service

Send Mail

luxon.helpers.sendmail.sendmail(email, rcpt=None, subject=None, body=None, msg=None, fail_callback=None, success_callback=None)[source]

Helper function to send an email.

SMTP server settings are obtained from settings.ini file. E.g:

host =
port = 587
tls = False
username = None
password = None
  • email (str) – Sender email address.
  • rcpt (str) – Recipient email address.
  • subject (str) – Email Subject.
  • body (str) – Email Body
  • msg (obj) – object of python email library’s EmailMessage class.
  • fail_callback (func) – Function to call on send failure.
  • success_callback (func) – Function to call on send success.

True if sending was successful, else False.

Return type:


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