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Luxon Framework for rapid application development. (luxon)


Package Layout

This table serves as an exact index of the Luxon source code.


luxon/contrib Contributed functionality for Luxon.

Luxon Core

luxon/core Core Modules.
luxon/core/cache Memory caching classes.
luxon/core/config Luxon Config Parser.
luxon/core/db Luxon Databases.
luxon/core/handlers Application Handlers.
luxon/core/handlers/wsgi WSGI Interface handlers.
luxon/core/handlers/cmd Command Line Handler.
luxon/core/policy Policy RBAC Rule-Set Engine.
luxon/core/servers Luxon servers.
luxon/core/session Luxon session manager.
luxon/core/utils Core utilities.
luxon/core/app.py Application Launch.
luxon/core/auth.py PKI Authentication.
luxon/core/globals.py Global ‘g’ class.
luxon/core/logger.py Logging service, for debugging etc…
luxon/core/regex.py Regex patterns.
luxon/core/register.py Class of views/registration functions.
luxon/core/router.py Router Interface.
luxon/core/template.py Luxon wrapper for Jinja2 Template Environment.

External Code

luxon/ext/falcon Routing converters and compilers.


luxon/helpers Various helper functions.
luxon/helpers/cache.py Caching helper.
luxon/helpers/db.py Database helper.
luxon/helpers/memoize.py Memoize function.
luxon/helper/menu.py Menu tool helper.
luxon/helpers/policy.py Policy engine helper.
luxon/helpers/rd.py Redis helper.
luxon/helpers/sendmail.py Send Mail helper.
luxon/helpers/template.py Redis template helper.


luxon/resources Resources provided by Luxon.
luxon/resources/wsgi/index.py API index.


luxon/structs Luxon Data Structures.
luxon/structs/models Luxon model data structures.
luxon/structs/cidict.py Case insensitive dictionary.
luxon/structs/container.py Dictionary-like Object.
luxon/structs/htmldoc.py HTMLDoc Object.
luxon/structs/threaddict.py Dictionary for threads.
luxon/structs/threadlist.py List for threads.


luxon/testing/wsgi Stubs for internal testing the WSGI interface.


luxon/utils All and sundry Luxon utilities.

Ancillary code

luxon/constants.py Predefined constants used by Luxon.
luxon/exceptions.py Custom raisable exceptions.
luxon/main.py Main entrypoint to Luxon.
luxon/metadata.py Luxon metadata.
luxon/wsgi.py WSGI launcher.


/luxon/tests Directory housing all Unit Tests.