Powered by Tachyonic Project Luxon Framework v1.4.0

Luxon Framework for rapid application development. (luxon)



1.0.0 = BETA Release (2018/11/19)

  • Require RabbitMQ Helper / Utility testing.
  • Requires updated completed documentation.

1.1.0 = BETA Release (2018/11/20)

  • Added functionality for defining SCRIPT_NAME in settings.ini. Required by NGINX, Gunicorn setup for example when using same virtualhost for multiple applications. It also checks for (X-Script-Name) header that can be defined.

    NGINX example:

    location /photonic {
            include proxy_params;
            proxy_redirect off;
            proxy_pass http://unix:/var/www/photonic/photonic.sock:/;
            proxy_set_header X-Script-Name /photonic;

    Settings.ini example:

    script = /photonic

1.1.1 = BETA Release (2018/11/23)

  • Allow models to ignore validation errors when loading from sql.
  • Model default value of integer 0 does not show on html bootstrap4 forms fixed.
  • Only use stable version of pika 0.12.0.
  • Fixed several issues relating unit tests. Passlib updated interfaces for utils/password.py. Fixed Cookie testing, when empty body is received we expect 204 status code.
  • RabbitMQ Interface utility / helper tested functional.

1.2.0 = BETA Release (2018/11/26)

  • Added Docker utilities utils/dk.py
  • Updated pkg.py Module. Added file method to return file like object.

1.2.1 = BETA Release (2018/11/27)

  • Fixed minor unexpected behaviour when two host headers is received.

1.3.0 = BETA Release (2019/01/27)

  • Added distribute and receiver methods high level interfaces for rabbitmq utilities.
  • setup.py removed cython support.
  • setup.py replaced imp with importlib.
  • update documentation README.rst