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Luxon Framework for rapid application development. (luxon)


Command Line ToolΒΆ

Luxon ships with a cli luxon command, which allows one to initialize application directory structures, databases, and even start a web server.


$ luxon -h
    Luxon Application Framework 0.0.0

    usage: luxon [-h] (-d | -i PKG | -s | -c | -r) [--password PASSWORD] [--ip IP]
                 [--port PORT]

    Luxon Application Framework 0.0.0

    positional arguments:
      path                 Application root path

    optional arguments:
      -h, --help           show this help message and exit
      -d                   Create/Update Database
      -i PKG               Install/Update application in path specified
      -s                   Start Internal Testing Server (requires gunicorn)
      -c                   Clean Sessions
      -r                   Generate RSA Private/Public Key pairs
      --password PASSWORD  RSA Private Key Password
      --ip IP              Binding IP Address (
      --port PORT          Binding Port (8080)

For example, to set up the required directory structure in /var/www/myapp, and populate it with the files required for python package mypackage, run with the -i switch such as:

$ cd /var/www
$ luxon -i mypackage myapp

To start web server on port 8000 for application myapp:

$ luxon -s --port 8000 myapp