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Tachyonic Project API Clients (psychokinetic)



Tachyonic Project psychokinetic currently fully supports CPython 3.6, 3.7.


A universal wheel is available on PyPI for psychokinetic. Installing it is as simple as:

$ pip3 install psychokinetic

Source Code

Tachyonic Project psychokinetic infrastructure and code is hosted on GitHub. Making the code easy to browse, download, fork, etc. Pull requests are always welcome!

Clone the project like this:

$ git clone https://github.com/TachyonicProject/psychokinetic.git

Once you have cloned the repo or downloaded a tarball from GitHub, you can install Tachyon like this:

$ cd psychokinetic
$ pip3 install .

Or, if you want to edit the code, first fork the main repo, clone the fork to your development area, and then run the following to install it using symbolic linking, so that when you change your code, the changes will be automatically available to your app without having to reinstall the package.

$ cd psychokinetic
$ python3 setup.py develop

You can manually test changes to the psychokinetic by switching to the directory of the cloned repo:

$ python3 setup.py test